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Crime | Trauma Clean-Up

Discreet, Respectful and Caring Crime/Trauma Scene & Unattended Death Cleanup Services by the Four Corners’ only Certified Bio-Remediation Professionals

How We Work

There can be real and immediate health dangers at a crime, trauma or unattended death or accidental gunshot scene. Cleanup of blood and other potentially infectious material is not a task to be taken on lightly. “Self-cleaning” by relatives or the use of inexperienced companies with improper procedures and no protective gear can turn a bad situation into a pathogenic nightmare.

Even assuming that they had the correct training, no one should have to “self-clean” after death or trauma to a relative or loved one. We take this load off the shoulders of the family at the time when they need it most, working with respect and discretion to make their living space inhabitable again.

What Matters:

Dustin is so great! I very much appreciate the professionalism and attention to detail. I would highly recommend Ultrasteam. Thank you for the good work you do!
Kelly B.
Durango, CO
Great people that do a really phenomenal job every time
A Ramsey
Durango, CO