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Mold Remediation

Mold Removal & Remediation in Durango, Bayfield and Hesperus by IICRC Certified AMRT experts at UltraSteam

Mold is Dangerous

Excessive Mold growth like this is not healthy for you, your family or your home! It is an indicator of excessive moisture, which can be rotting and destroying the structural materials of your home from within. Additionally, the spores become airborne when disturbed and can cause respiratory irritation or sickness in large quantities, especially in children, the elderly or immunocompromised individuals. If you suspect you have a mold problem, we can recommend a qualified independent inspector to assess your situation. Mold growth over 10 square feet in area should be professionally remediated.

How We Do It:

We will carefully inspect your problem areas, and formulate a remediation plan to thoroughly address the structural drying, mold removal and correction of the underlying moisture intrusion issues. (This last step is extremely important; if moisture is allowed to continue affecting your home, you will eventually have more mold growth!)

We will build a negatively pressurized containment area to prevent the spread of mold spores into unaffected areas, using HEPA-filtered air-scrubbers to trap mold spores and other contamination.

We then clean the active mold growth from exposed surfaces, carefully remove unsalvable materials such as drywall and insulation, using special HEPA-filtered cutting tools as well as Personal Protective Equipment and respiratory protection. These damaged materials are sealed in plastic and removed through the containment to prevent contamination of unaffected areas.

Next, we clean active mold growth from the wood or other structural materials, remove staining and apply a safe anti-microbial treatment that destroys mold spores and helps prevent re-growth while allowing the wood to “breathe” (unlike companies that “paint over” the mold).

When we’re finished, an independent third-party inspector will test the remediated areas to verify that we have in fact completely removed the mold, for your peace of mind.

Richard and his crew did an amazing job of minimizing the inconvenience during a week long attic and basement mold remediation project. We were actually able to live in our house during the process. The crew was extremely friendly and professional and was well equipped to handle the job. The results were amazing and the impact on the rest of the house was minimal. Richard did an amazing job dealing with the insurance company. He made several long phone calls to the agent and wrote numerous emails. The result was that he was able to get the entire job covered instead what the insurance company initially wanted to pay. In my opinion, he went way above expectations in every aspect of the service! Thanks Richard!
Jeremy B.
Durango, CO
March 2024- called Richard at Ultrasteam for another challenging project. Had my house re-roofed, which left a layer of disintegrated asphalt debris covering my two attics's surfaces. It was a real mess and the spaces were not easy to move around in. Richard's crew made quick work of it, getting all the debris out and replacing any insulation that was too filthy to salvage. Richard and his crew set the bar high when it comes to getting the job done right. We are so lucky to have Ultrasteam Professional Cleaning & Restoration here in Durango. Voted Best Business in 2023!

February 2021 - Having been told by two other companies I definitely had black mold, I asked UltraSteam for their estimate on the mold mitigation. Richard looked at the situation and quickly said he didn't think it was black mold. He decided to send samples up to a Denver lab to be sure. The lab test came back NEGATIVE for black mold. Richard had just saved me thousands of dollars on work that did not need to be done. I can't say enough about Richard's excellent professionalism, integrity, and knowledge, and I highly recommend him to anyone needing his services.
Tracey M.
Durango, CO

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