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6 Questions to Ask Your Carpet Cleaner

Before They Clean!

1. What Method of Carpet Cleaning Do You Recommend, and Why?

We recommend and use Hot Water Extraction, for deep, thorough cleaning and to uphold your carpet’s warranty.


2. Is Your Method Recommended and Approved by Major Carpet Manufacturers?

Yes! (Most warranties require annual cleaning by an IICRC Certified Firm to remain valid.)


3. What is the VOC and hazardous material content of your primary cleaning products, and can I see your MSDS Sheets?

Our primary cleaning products contain NO VOC’s or other hazardous chemicals! And we keep MSDS sheets available in our vans for you!


4. Do You Use A Clear Softwater Rinse?

Although it takes longer, this is an essential step to ensure complete soil and residue removal. Unlike most cleaners, we apply the detergent first, then rinse your carpet with pure softwater steam for healthier carpet that stays clean longer!


5. What Will Your Cleaning Remove From My Carpet?

We remove not only the visible surface dirt, but also deep soil, allergens, pollutants, and chemical residue left behind by other cleaners!


6. Are You And Your Technicians IICRC Certified, and May I See Proof of Certification?

Certified Firms and Technicians are often required by Carpet Manufacturers’ Warranties for Good Reason! We have studied hard and pledged to uphold high ethical standards, and are proud to show you proof of our Certification.


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