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Are you Destroying a Work of Art?

Are you Destroying a Work of Art?
November 6, 2019 ultrasteam

You could be and not even know it! Allow me to explain…


A hand-woven Persian, Navajo or Oriental area rug can have hundreds of artisan hours, as well as thousands of your dollars, invested in it. These rugs often tell stories in the designs and patterns (such as the “war rugs” from Afghanistan), making them textile works of art. But over time, damaging dry soil gets into the base of the rug, beyond the reach of your vacuum cleaner, and slowly grinds away at the fibers, wearing rugs out prematurely. In fact, an Oriental rug can hold several pounds of dry soil and still look clean. The solution? Deep cleaning by RugMasters of Durango.

We start by dusting the rugs thoroughly to remove the damaging dry soil, then hand-wash them, rinse them thoroughly, extract the water in our exclusive centrifuge, and dry them cloud-soft and fluffy for a swift return to your home! We provide free pickup and delivery in the Durango area if needed, or you can bring the rugs to our Bodo Park Cleaning Studio for a drop-off discount.

Learn more and see our cleaning process (and read customer reviews) here: RugMastersOfDurango.com

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