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Important tips for Fire and Smoke Cleanup

Important tips for Fire and Smoke Cleanup

Important tips for Fire and Smoke Cleanup
July 5, 2017 ultrasteam

When your home suffers fire or smoke damage, there are some important things to remember right at the start.

1 – Be aware of hazards! In the aftermath of a fire, there are usually carcinogens present in the air, as well as many respiratory irritants that can damage your lungs and airways. It is best to wear a respirator if you need to enter the affected area before cleanup begins. Also, fire-damaged electrical or plumbing systems may need to be shut off for repairs, depending on the situation.

2 – Don’t touch smoke-damaged surfaces or contents with bare hands! Oils from your skin can “set” the smoke damage in place, or leave fingerprints that may never come out. Always use gloves when handling fire or smoke-damaged items or structural components, and avoid cleaning with “grocery-store” products that may do more harm than good.

3 – Time is of the essence – Consider hiring a professional Fire and Smoke Restorer to assist you. Smoke residue is corrosive, and the sooner it is cleaned off of the metal surfaces the better chance there is that they can be saved. Homeowners insurance usually covers losses from fire and smoke. An IICRC Certified Firm such as UltraSteam, has the correct equipment, cleaning products and training to assess the damage, and what needs to happen to make it right.

Fire and Smoke Restoration is a demanding, complex task. Ultrasteam is proud to have two IICRC Certified Master Fire and Smoke Restorers on staff to help restore your home to normal as soon as possible. We use “Green” cleaning products whenever possible, to protect your health and that of the environment. You can reach us at 970-385-8444 for emergency response service, 24/7. Or learn more at our website here: http://www.ultrasteamcleaning.com/fire-smoke-cleanup.html