Water Damage? Take these steps now to protect your home!

water damage

Emergencies never happen on schedule…you wake up to find wet carpet under your feet from a broken pipe, or come home to hear the sound of water spraying under your house. Fortunately, Ultrasteam specializes in water damage mitigation and structural drying, to help return your home to normal fast! If you experience the misfortune of water damage, take these steps to help limit the damage:


1 – Shut off the water – If the problem is a broken pipe, find the shutoff valve and turn it off to keep more water from coming in the house. If it is a sewage line break or toilet overflow, stop using water that flows into the drain line to limit the damage.

2 – Avoid Hazards – Floors can be slippery, and electricity and water don’t mix! Keep children and pets away from the wet areas until out mitigation team can arrive to start removing the water and make things safe. And if it’s a sewage issue, keep everyone away and be careful not to track the sewage into unaffected areas.

3 – Call 970-385-8444 for Prompt, Courteous Service! Our IICRC Certified water damage experts are standing by day and night to help when something goes wrong. Call us anytime, and if it’s after-hours just press 4 at the message to be connected to an emergency service crew. We’ll respond quickly to remove the water, assess the situation and take whatever steps are needed to return your house to a clean, dry, healthy state. We accept homeowners insurance, and can work with you and your insurance company to get you back to pre-loss condition. If it’s a small loss though, you may not even need to make a claim, so it’s best to have us assess it before calling your insurance company!

4 – Prevent Secondary Damage – If it’s safe to do so, move wood or metal furniture off the affected area or put plastic under the legs to keep furniture stains from forming. Move rugs and other valuable items out of harm’s way if possible; but if they’re already wet and damaged we will take care of them when we arrive.

Remember, time is of the essence! If a freshwater pipe breaks and leaks, we can often dry out the walls, carpet and pad and subfloor without having to remove the carpet and padding…IF we get to it swiftly! If it sits for days or weeks, the water will gradually turn unsanitary, resulting in more damage and the need to remove affected drywall and carpet or pad. The faster we can start work, the quicker we can get you back to normal. We have sophisticated thermal imaging equipment and moisture meters to show us where the moisture is, and make sure we get it dried out completely for you. And we use “Green” cleaning products and sanitizers, for your family’s safety, and that of the planet. Ultrasteam Professional Cleaning and Restoration…We’re Here to Help!

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